Not Always What You Think

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

What It Is
Scientifically documented as a determinant of success, the concepts of Emotional Intelligence challenge us to intentionally focus on our emotions, together with our knowledge, to better manage our interpersonal interactions. For many, our EI is challenged when those interactions are with people who are very different from us. Likewise, a higher level of EI can help us to better respond in challenging workplace diversity situations. Identifying and understanding the connection between EI and diversity can enhance self-awareness and lay the foundation for successful group interaction.

Participants will:

  • understand an overview of EI concepts with a specific emphasis on how those concepts are modified or enhanced for a diverse workplace
  • practice individual EI activities to enhance self-awareness and practice tools and concepts that participants can take back to use with their respective workgroups

Why You Need It
From the beginning, corporate culture has been a culture led by the intellect. However, organizations are made up of people, and people are never really removed from their emotions, either in the decisions they make or in impact of decisions made by others. An understanding of the place of emotions in everyday work life, tied in to the concerns of diverse employee backgrounds and experiences, can transform the workplace into a place where everyone feels confident talking about issues, fears, and opinions.

 Emotional awareness + more effective interactions = It’s Not Always What You Think