Aamera Siddiqui


Aamera's experience with Diversity began very early in life. By the age of thirteen, she had resided in five different countries in three different continents. Her experiences as a “global nomad” in Tanzania, Zambia, India, the United States and North Yemen provided experiences in multiple cultures, languages and religions. All of this sparked her strong interest in the field of Intercultural Competence and Diversity Education. As Co-Artistic Director of Exposed Brick Theater, Aamera has written over 60 customized plays and corresponding workshops for both public and private schools. These school-specific programs are based on interviews with students and staff from within the organizations and are designed to raise empathy, awareness and understanding of the diverse perspectives that exist within the organization. Aamera also served as the Diversity Coordinator at the Blake School, has worked extensively with low-income students through federally funded academic support programs designed to increase student retention and access to post-secondary education. She founded and directed the Achieving Higher Education and Dreams (AHEAD) Program at Metropolitan State University, and served as Assistant Director for the Upward Bound Program at Rochester Community College. Aamera graduated with a B.S. from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in Health and Public Administration from Pennsylvania State University.