Amy Batiste


Amy brings over 20 years of experience creating, leading and advancing change initiatives in the workplace, the marketplace and the community, with an amazing skill for creating unique experiential learning opportunities. She’s a seasoned facilitator and organization development practitioner specializing in the art and science of strategy development and change, having conducted consulting engagements in over 80 organizations during the past 10 years. She was the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity Education & Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has held administrative/leadership positions at Saturn Corporation, General Motors Small Car Group, Girl Scouts USA (Cumberland Valley Council, Tennessee), Trinity University and the National Association of Professionals in Special Education. Her expertise and capabilities include organizational assessment and research, whole systems change, strategic visioning and planning, and group process design/facilitation. She is also a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) School of Business and a certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator. When Amy is not performing in her usual ringmaster role, she's traveling to warm climates or attempting to master her dog-training skills.