What's the Difference? Episode 01: From Classroom Teacher to Teaching Inclusion, with Aaron Kesher

Aaron brings a great deal of energy and a necessary sense of humor to the discussion around difference. He comes from a background in education, having taught English and Theater to high school students in both inner-city and suburban schools. He has also worked with adults learning English at the Lehmann Center in Minneapolis, as well as in a variety of after-school programs serving academically struggling students. A certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, his training work has centered on issues of diversity, with a special focus on managing across differences. He has authored articles for diversity-centered websites and newsletters, including co-authoring a manager’s toolkit for dealing with religious diversity in the workplace and a half-day workshop on both leading and working across generational difference. He is also a certified Insights™ Discovery Licensed Practitioner. When not at work, Aaron can often be found fighting lightsaber battles with his three boys in the front yard of their Minneapolis, Minnesota home. He rarely wins.

Sara TaylorComment