Case Study: Diversity/UB/Hiring


Despite their best efforts, year after year, a specific annual hiring process resulted in a persistent under representation of diverse hires. The organization clearly stated its support of a diverse workforce and its desire to affirmatively hire. Yet that left those involved in the process with a wide variety of attitudes and perceptions from frustration at the lack of progress on one end to resentment and calls of reverse discrimination on the other.


deepSEE Solution

deepSEE customized content from our standard programs for Cultural Competence and Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process. Working with the hiring managers, we not only developed their skillsets but also shifted their mindsets about Diversity in hiring.


Client: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Industry: State Transportation

Annual Revenue: $3.42 Billion


Two very important outcomes were reached. First, the number of successful diverse hires increased from 6% to 36%. Second, the perceptions of those involved in the process shifted significantly to one that fully embraced Diversity. In addition, those involved were able to clearly see aspects of their typical hiring process that had not been culturally competent in the past, revise them and see the immediate, positive results