Case Study: Cultural Competence


Client: PPRM

Locations: Multiple locations in Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S.

Industry: Health Care

Annual Revenue: $29 Million



As a health care organization, PPRM serves a diverse patient base. To provide culturally competent care, they knew they needed to develop both individual and organizational cultural competence.

deepSEE Solution

Using our proven Filter Shift process to develop Cultural Competence, we began first with Executive leadership then Directors and Managers. With each group, we applied our tools and frameworks to their actual situations, challenges or decisions, giving them a chance to both build and apply cultural competence in real-time.


With only nine hours of development work, each group was able to significantly advance their level of cultural competence and increase their effectiveness in both individual interactions and organizational decisions. While that increase in cultural competence is seen and felt throughout the organization in a variety of ways too numerous to list, some of the results from challenges addressed during the actual Filter Shift sessions include:

  • Led a more successful and effective merger and acquisition process (in comparison to past M&As and as measured by internal surveys)
  • Established culturally competent organizational values
  • Created new, more culturally competent outreach and marketing materials to more successfully reach diverse clientele
  • Determined core leadership expectations