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deepSEE’s story began when Sara Taylor put her natural leadership talents to work in a Peace Corps mission in the Dominican Republic right after graduating from college in the late 80s. Soon after, armed with the ability to speak Spanish and work within the politics of another culture, she secured a training/consulting position with University of Minnesota Extension. From there she went on to work as Diversity Director for Ramsey County in St. Paul, Minnesota. After the birth of her last child, Taylor took the opportunity to do consulting work on the side, and soon she realized she had the beginnings of a solid business.

Sentient Consultants grew to a team of dedicated trainers, facilitators and coaches well-versed in the areas of leadership, diversity, and change management. Within just a few years, the need for Sentient’s services kept growing. Inspired by the lack of effective, inclusive approaches to leadership that are practiced and taught, Sentient built a reputation for finding highly customized solutions for its clients. In 2009 Sentient Consultants became deepSEE Consulting, with over 25 dedicated staff and consultants.

deepSEE’s facilitators first and foremost reflect the work we do by coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. They are smart, flexible, and responsive to group dynamics. Each is a consummate professional who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of this kind of work and is fully committed to helping organizations realize their full potential by engaging their employees and leadership on the most basic front of all: Who they are, and what they can contribute.


Sara Taylor

President and Founder

Aaron Kesher


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Charity Friederichs



Namita Eveloy


Donna Rae Scheffert


Roxanne DeLille



Pearl Dobbins



Louise Litt


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Debrah Freathy


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Sharieka Young

Operations Manager

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Melvin Swain

Business Development Manager


Nicholas French

Communication Director


Jasmine Gill

Marketing Coordinator