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Roxanne Delille



Boozhoo Nindahwaymahgunnidoog (Greetings relatives), Bushqwa dahmooqway indahgo (The sound of thunder is what I am named after), Whabizhayshi indohdaim (I am a member of the Martin clan). Roxanne is a contemporary Anishinabe woman whose life and education have been divided between reservation and urban areas; between traditional teachings of her people and mainstream education. Roxanne is a tenured faculty member at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College where she has taught Speech and Communication Studies for the past 15 years. Among the topics she trains are: transformational and servant leadership, team building, communication, and cultural competency. Roxanne is certified in ToP Facilitation; Facilitating Conciliation; MBTI and the IDI.


You can find Roxanne on Twitter at @RoxanneDelille