Transforming Your Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Our expertise goes deep and wide. We can offer the right mix of diversity training to meet your needs, and build a highly customized solution that is exactly right for your people and organization.

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““deepSEE’s consultants show that they are thinking, feeling beings in their approach to facilitation and responses to clients. ”

–HR Director, Higher Education Institution



Despite their best efforts, year after year, a specific annual hiring process resulted in a persistent under representation of diverse hires. The organization clearly stated its support of a diverse workforce and its desire to affirmatively hire. Yet that left those involved in the process with a wide variety of attitudes and perceptions from frustration at the lack of progress on one end to resentment and calls of reverse discrimination on the other.



Two very important outcomes were reached. First, the number of successful diverse hires increased from 6% to 36%. Second, the perceptions of those involved in the process shifted significantly to one that fully embraced Diversity. In addition, those involved were able to clearly see aspects of their typical hiring process that had not been culturally competent in the past, revise them and see the immediate, positive results


Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is essential in today's workplace. Is your company doing everything it can to address the differences that can impair communication and impede productivity? We have the ability to help you see what needs to be done, and the know-how to do it. 


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Case Study Outcomes

  • Led a more successful and effective merger and acquisition process (in comparison to past M&As and as measured by internal surveys)
  • Established culturally competent organizational values
  • Created new, more culturally competent outreach and marketing materials to more successfully reach diverse clientele
  • Determined core leadership expectations

With our trademarked "Filter Shift" model and process, we are thought leaders in the area of Cultural Competency.



Leadership demands an entirely different skill-set than even just a generation ago. For modern organizations to be successful, they need to be sure that their current and upcoming leadership can tackle a whole host of issues and challenges resulting from an ever-increasing global and diverse work environment. Leaders need to meet those they lead where they lead and help them step up, or else risk a constant loss of top talent to competitors who already get it.

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”The thing about working with deepSEE is this….they get it!”

–Director of Organizational Development, Global Manufacturing Company


Organizational Efficiency

Master the dynamics of culture in the global workplace.

Difference is a part of employee interactions and conflicts, internal and external communications, leadership styles and business processes, among others. Fortunately, there are easily- identifiable cultural markers that anyone can learn to learn to better understand both their own cultural bias as well as that of their co-workers.


The inability to communicate

remotely with teams and across cultures at the same time can deeply affect critical business operations, productivity and the bottom line.